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Unapologetically Healing Women's T-Shirt

My shirts are Bella and Canvas Jersey Tee Women's Cut which means they are REALLY soft and fit a little smaller than a regular unisex T-shirt.

Here’s My Story:

I stand in awe of God and how far he has brought me!! A couple of years ago, after going through a traumatic experience, I would avoid people crowds, family, etc I was vulnerable, depressed and majorly anxious. I didn't think I would ever begin to heal. I didn't want to workout although I knew it was what I needed to begin healing my mind and body. I rapidly gained weight because I found out that when I'm sad and depressed, I EAT. AND NOT THE HEALTHY ISH.


HE PULLED ME OUT AND HAS BROUGHT ME A MIGHTY LONG WAY. I still have work to do, BUT I AM HERE, Unapologetically Healing ✨

We are ALL HEALING from something. I encourage you to Heal on your terms, in your time and put yourself First! FAITH, FUEL, FITNESS (FAMILY TOO) is what has gotten me through. I stand here today as a testimony to you...YOU TOO CAN MAKE IT THROUGH.

Heather Gray